Knock Tobacco Out of the Park

2012 Baseball Season First Ever with Limits on Smokeless Tobacco Use!

Fans and health advocates encouraged to report violations; players urged to go completely tobacco-free.

The 2012 Major League Baseball (MLB) season has been the first ever to be played with restrictions on smokeless tobacco use by big-league players, managers and coaches.

Under the new contract announced in November 2011, players may no longer carry a tobacco tin or package in their uniforms at games or any time that fans are in the ballpark. They have also been barred from using smokeless tobacco during televised interviews, team sponsored appearances, autograph signings and other events where fans are present.

While these new restrictions are not everything we hoped for, they do represent significant progress -- if they are enforced. On this, we once again look to you for help.

If you see tobacco use by players, tell us using the "Report Use" button below.

We are interested in hearing about all incidents of public tobacco use by players, managers and coaches. Those in violation of the new contract will be reported to MLB and the players' union. Those that are not will be used as we continue to make the case that a full prohibition is needed to protect both the health of the players and that of the millions of youth who look up to them.

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