Press Releases

Baltimore Mayor Scott Signs Law Prohibiting All Tobacco Use in City Stadiums
March 13, 2024

Arizona Diamondbacks Join Growing List of Teams with Tobacco-Free Baseball – 16 of 30 MLB Stadiums Have Knocked Tobacco Out of the Park
March 27, 2019

Seattle Joins Growing List of Cities with Tobacco-Free Baseball – 15 of 30 MLB Stadiums Have Knocked Tobacco Out of the Park
April 19, 2018

On Opening Day, Nearly Half of Major League Stadiums Will be Tobacco-Free – MLB Cities Need to Finish the Job for Our Kids
March 30, 2017

St. Louis City Board of Aldermen Approves Tobacco-Free Baseball – 14 of 30 MLB Stadiums Will Be Tobacco-Free in 2017 Season
February 3, 2017

Tampa Bay Joins Growing List of Cities with Tobacco-Free Baseball – 13 of 30 MLB Stadiums Will Be Tobacco-Free in 2017 Season
January 19, 2017

Baseball’s New Labor Agreement Makes Progress on Removing Tobacco from the Game, But Cities Need to Finish the Job – for Our Kids
December 1, 2016

Milwaukee Council Approves Tobacco-Free Baseball – 12 of 30 MLB Stadiums Will Be Tobacco-Free
November 22, 2016

Milwaukee Alderman Offers Measure To Make Baseball Tobacco-Free
November 8, 2016

D.C. City Council Makes Baseball Tobacco-Free in Nation’s Capital
November 1, 2016

Florida Lawmaker Offers Measure to Make Baseball Tobacco-Free
October 19, 2016

City Council Approves Tobacco-Free Baseball in Nation’s Capital
October 11, 2016

Tobacco-Free Baseball Cities Go 5-for-5 in Making Post Season
October 6, 2016

Chicago Baseball Becomes Tobacco-Free; Wrigley Game Tomorrow is City’s Historic First
July 14, 2016

Councilmember Alexander, Health Advocates, Youth Ballplayers Urge End to Smokeless Tobacco Use in Baseball in Nation’s Capital
July 7, 2016

Lawsuit by Tony Gwynn’s Family Shows How Tobacco Companies Used Sports to Market Smokeless Tobacco – It’s Time to Rid Baseball of Tobacco for Good
May 26, 2016

Rep. Mike Freiberg Introduces Legislation to Make MLB Baseball Tobacco-Free
May 16, 2016

If We Can Make It There, We’ll Make It Anywhere, There’s No More Chew, New York, New York
April 6, 2016

Health Groups Laud Councilmember Alexander for Leading the Effort to Make Baseball Tobacco-Free in Nation’s Capital
April 5, 2016

34 Health Groups Urge MLB Players to Set Right Example for Kids By Making Baseball Tobacco-Free, Once and for All
March 31, 2016

It’s About Kids: ESPN Highlights Need for MLB Players to Set Right Example (and Follow the Law) by Ridding Baseball of Smokeless Tobacco
March 28, 2016

New York, New York, It’s a Helluva (Tobacco-Free) Town
March 16, 2016

Great Day for a (Tobacco-Free) Ballgame in Chicago
March 16, 2016

Chicago Steps Up to the Plate in Tobacco-Free Baseball Campaign
March 11, 2016

Toronto Takes Tobacco-Free Baseball Campaign International
February 29, 2016

Council Member Corey Johnson to Introduce Legislation to Make MLB Baseball, Other Ticketed Sporting Events Tobacco-Free
February 5, 2016

New York Next City To Consider Making Baseball Tobacco-Free
February 5, 2016

Los Angeles Approves Ordinance to End Smokeless Tobacco Use at All Baseball Stadiums, Other Sports Venues
January 26, 2015

Campaign to End Smokeless Tobacco Use in Baseball Gains Momentum; Several MLB Stadiums Will be Tobacco-Free by 2016 Opening Day
October 29, 2015

Press Release from the Mayor of Boston: Mayor Walsh Signs Smokeless Tobacco Ordinance
September 9, 2015

Los Angeles City Council Ends Smokeless Tobacco Use at Sports Venues
September 8, 2015

Boston City Council Votes to Take Tobacco Out of Baseball, Including Historic Fenway Park
September 2, 2015

Press Release from the Mayor of Boston: Mayor Walsh to File Ordinance to Ban Smokeless Tobacco at Professional and Amateur Sports Venues in Boston
August 5, 2015

Los Angeles Lawmakers Offer Measure to Make Baseball Tobacco-Free
June 9, 2015

With Mayor’s Signature, San Francisco Makes History as First City to Take Tobacco Out of Baseball
May 7, 2015

In Historic First, San Francisco Board of Supervisors Votes to Take Tobacco Out of Baseball
April 21, 2015

New UCSF Report Finds Smokeless Tobacco Use by Pro Athletes Influences Kids
April 15, 2015

On Giants’ Home Opening Day, New Poll Shows Strong Support for Measure to Make San Francisco Baseball Completely Tobacco-Free
April 13, 2015

California, San Francisco Lawmakers Introduce Measures to Make Baseball Tobacco-Free
February 24, 2015

Major League Baseball Statement
February 24, 2015

Leading Health Groups Urge Major League Baseball to Prohibit Tobacco Use at Ballparks and on Camera
June 25, 2014

News Clips

Baseball and the Slow Death of Chewing Tobacco
June 12, 2019. Twins Daily

How MLB Is Rooting Out its Longstanding Problem With Smokeless Tobacco
July 23, 2018. Sports Illustrated

It’s official: Mariners, opponents will soon no longer be able to chew tobacco at Safeco Field
April 19, 2018. The Seattle Times

Proposal could ban Mariners, opponents from chewing tobacco at Safeco Field
April 18, 2018. The Seattle Times

St. Louis bans smokeless tobacco at Busch, other venues
February, 3, 2017. St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Padres Hall of Famer Jones fighting throat cancer
January 26, 2017.

St. Petersburg city council bans smokeless tobacco at Rays games
January 20, 2017. Associated Press

Smokeless Tobacco to Take a Dip Among Big League Newcomers
December 1, 2016. ABC News

MLB bans smokeless chewing tobacco for new players in new CBA
December 1, 2016. CBS Sports

Smokeless tobacco banned for new major leaguers
December 1, 2016. Associated Press

Smokeless tobacco to be banned at Miller Park
November 22, 2016. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

All chewed out: Chicago ballparks ban smokeless tobacco
July 13, 2016. Chicago Sun Times

Chris Sale says he quit chewing tobacco the day Tony Gwynn died
July 11, 2016. ESPN

Campaign to Snuff Out Smokeless Tobacco in Baseball Intensifies
June 16, 2016. Vice Sports

Tony Gwynn’s last days: Cancer, tobacco and the death of a legend
June 2, 2016. Sports Illustrated

Tony Gwynn’s Family Sues Tobacco Industry, Seeking Recourse Over Fatal Habit
May 23, 2016. The New York Times

Durbin Commentary: No place in baseball for smokeless tobacco
April 15, 2016. Chicago Tribune

Smokeless tobacco is baseball’s deadly sin and should be banned
April 7, 2016. Orlando Sentinel

New York bans smokeless tobacco at Yankee Stadium, Citi Field
April 7, 2016. ESPN

It’s Official: Smokeless Tobacco Is Out
April 6, 2016. The New York Times

New York banning smokeless tobacco at ballparks, other venues
April 6, 2016. CNN

Play Ball! Just don’t chew tobacco at Fenway
April 5, 2016. The Boston Globe

Past time for MLB to ban smokeless tobacco
April 3, 2016. USA Today

Washington, D.C. looks to follow other cities with smokeless tobacco ban
April 1, 2016. ESPN

MLB: Violators of new tobacco laws face baseball penalties
March 27, 2016. ESPN

Mets and Yankees Brace for a Future Without Smokeless Tobacco
March 22, 2016. The New York Times

Chicago approves ban on chewing tobacco at sporting events
March 17, 2016. AP/Fox Sports

Chicago may ban athletes from using chewing tobacco at home games
March 9, 2016. Chicago Sun Times

Toronto could ban chewing tobacco at Rogers Centre, city sports facilities
February 29, 2015. City News

Big leaguers are getting a reminder that smokeless tobacco is banned this season at stadiums in Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco
February 29, 2015. Associated Press

Mets, Yankees voice support for proposed smokeless tobacco ban at NYC sports venues
February 26, 2016. New York Daily News

Citi Field and Yankee Stadium Could Become Off Limits to Smokeless Tobacco
February 4, 2016. The New York Times

Smokeless tobacco at Dodger Stadium? You’re out of here!
January 26, 2016. Los Angeles Times

It’s official: You can’t chew tobacco at Fenway Park anymore
September 9, 2015.

City council votes to ban smokeless tobacco at all sports venues in L.A.
September 8, 2015. Los Angeles Times

Editorial: It’s time to get chewing tobacco out of baseball
September 7, 2015. The Washington Post

Boston bans chewing tobacco in ballparks, including Fenway
September 2, 2015. The Boston Globe

City council approves Boston ballpark ban on smokeless tobacco
September 2, 2015. ESPN

Mike Napoli, John Farrell react to proposed smokeless tobacco ban
August 6, 2015. The Boston Globe

Curt Schilling backs proposal to ban smokeless tobacco in public and private Boston ballparks
August 5, 2015.

Bernstein: Get Tobacco Out of Baseball
August 5, 2015. CBS Chicago

Curt Schilling on D&C: Tobacco usage ‘first thing in my life in my mind that wasn’t worth it’
August 5, 2015. WEEI 93.7 FM

Ban on chewing tobacco sought for Fenway, city parks
August 5, 2015. The Boston Globe

Baseball and tobacco are a deadly mix
August 5, 2015. The Boston Globe

A Baseball Habit Begins to Feel the Pinch
August 3, 2015. The New York Times

City Council member wants smokeless tobacco out of L.A. baseball
June 9, 2015. Los Angeles Times

San Francisco bans smokeless tobacco at sporting venues
May 9, 2015. Los Angeles Times

San Francisco mayor signs law that bans chewing tobacco at ballparks
May 8, 2015. ESPN

San Francisco close to banning chewing tobacco from ballparks
April 22, 2015. Sports Illustrated

San Francisco moves to ban tobacco use among players at ballparks
April 22, 2015. Los Angeles Times

Farrell: Let’s strike tobacco from sports
April 19, 2015. San Francisco Examiner

Ban chewing tobacco at baseball games? Voters like the idea
April 13, 2015. San Francisco Chronicle

Curt Schilling: Letter to My Younger Self
April 11, 2015. The Players’ Tribune

Guest Commentary: Legal loopholes let Big Tobacco target kids with new products
April 11, 2015. Contra Costa Times

California must renew fight against tobacco
April 7, 2015. The Sacramento Bee

A Pastime Baseball Can Do Without
April 3, 2015. The Wall Street Journal

San Francisco — and all of California — will consider a smokeless tobacco ban that includes MLB parks
February 25, 2015. NBC Sports

Lawmaker seeks to ban chewing tobacco at all California baseball games
February 24, 2015. Los Angeles Times

Gwynn’s loss inspires CA tobacco bill
February 24, 2015. San Diego Union-Tribune

MLB supports California bill that would ban tobacco at ballpark
February 24, 2015. CBS Sports

You’re out, tobacco: bill would ban products at all California baseball venues
February 24, 2015. The Sacramento Bee

California lawmaker seeks to ban chewing tobacco in baseball
February 24, 2015. Reuters

Curt Schilling takes on chewing tobacco
August 23, 2014. The Boston Globe

In Our Opinion: It’s time for baseball to ban chewing tobacco
June 23, 2014. The Daily Star

Here’s A Gwynn Tribute: Ban Chewing Tobacco From Baseball
June 22, 2014. U-T San Diego

MLB Needs To Ban Chewing Tobacco
June 20, 2014.

Tony Gwynn’s death should convince baseball to ban tobacco
June 19, 2014. The Boston Globe

Editorial: Baseball must snuff out smokeless tobacco use
June 18, 2014. The Sacramento Bee

SNYDER: Tony Gwynn’s death reinforces need for baseball tobacco ban
June 18, 2014, The Washington Times

A call to action: tobacco and MLB
The cancer that cost Tony Gwynn his life should force baseball to re-visit the issue
June 17, 2014.

For Tony Gwynn, ban tobacco in baseball
June 17, 2014, Chicago Sun-Times

Gwynn’s death needs to create a culture change
June 17, 2014, The Kearney Hub (Nebraska)

Baseball season begins with tobacco curb
April 10, 2012. Baptist Press

Waking up to the dangers of smokeless tobacco
April 5, 2012. Washington Post

You can help narc on tobacco-using ballplayers
April 3, 2012. NBC Sports Hardball

The Battle Over Chewing Tobacco
March 14, 2012. San Diego Reader

Chewing tobacco and a Major League dream
November 25, 2011. CNN

CBA limits players’ use of smokeless tobacco
November 22, 2011. AP Story in Sports Illustrated

Baseball Players: Chew on This
November 10, 2011. Memphis Daily News

World Series puts spotlight on use of smokeless tobacco
October 20, 2011. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Video: Senators, Health Officials Hope To Strike Out Chewing Tobacco
October 19, 2011. WFMY News, CBS (NC)

Editorial: It’s Time To Get Chewing Tobacco Out Of The Game
August 15, 2011. Baseball America

Religious leaders: Thou shall not use chewing tobacco on the baseball field
May 31, 2011. Houston Chronicle, Believe It or Not

Bobby Valentine Op-ed: Take Dip Out of the Ballgame
March 31, 2011. The New York Times

Top Health Officials In MLB Cities Want Tobacco Out Of The Ballgame
March 29, 2011. Baseball Digest

Editorial: Take tobacco out of the game
Feb. 18, 2010. Philadelphia Inquirer

Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn discusses his struggles with cancer
Feb.11, 2011. Los Angeles Times

Stephen Strasburg attempts to quit smokeless tobacco
Jan. 31, 2011. Washington Post

Teen chewing tobacco use putting baseball in a pinch
Oct. 21, 2010. Sacramento Bee

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